Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey - rare and excellent brand from Malaysia

Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey is a exceptional and extraordinary model from Malaysia, harvested from the stingless Trigona Thorasica and Trigona Itama species of bees. The stingless mother nature and relatively smaller sized measurements of these species make them fairly easier to take care of than their sting Apis Dorsata counterpart. But that is not all there is to these species. Their a lot of health advantages, nutrient-abundant constituent, and extremely substantial antibacterial resistance are other characteristics that distinguish these species from the others.
Trigona bees are capable to consider up flower nectar from the deepest elements of the blossom which also has richer concentrations of the plants’ nutrition. As a result, their product, the sweet-sour, fruity-scented Kelulut honey, is made up of a lot much more nutritional vitamins, minerals, and medicinal qualities than the Apis species. An instance is the higher propolis content of Kelulut that contributes to the sleek working of the human body’s restore techniques.
It may also curiosity you that most Kelulut species in a natural way make their nests in hollow tree stumps or tree branches. And the high propolis material honey that they create is a combination of their saliva and the foods a number of substances they have ingested this sort of as flowers, pollens, bark, and tree shoots. The propolis also serves as the germicidal agent that helps to preserve the younger bees, cocoons, and nests sterile, and free of charge from any possible condition infestation.
The Propolis, by extension, as a result has several overall health rewards that are beneficial to gentleman. It consists of sixteen Amino Acids, Glucose, Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Bioflavonoids and Minerals, which is no shock that Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey will serve a broad spectrum of wellness benefits to anybody who will take it including the strengthening and nourishment of the immune system. That's why producing it a should-have in every single home!
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We imagine that the ideal way to cultivate a lengthy-expression partnership with you and other consumers is by giving the very best merchandise or provider available which is why we specialize in the harvesting and sales of Top quality Trigona Honey from Malaysia at affordable charges.
The substantial expense of harvesting and its minimal production, notwithstanding, Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey is pure and unmixed with any other variety of honey item. So you can always buy with self confidence!

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